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Open Joint Stock Company “Gomelagrokomplekt” is the largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment in the Republic of Belarus. The company produces not only the milking, but also other kinds of products for modern livestock farms:

  Milking plants for 100 and 200 heads with milking into milking pipeline;

  Milking plants such as “Yolochka”, “Yolochka” with a quick withdrawal; “Parallel”;

  Mobile milking plants;

  Plants for individual milking;

  Plants for milk cooling of a closed type;

  Tank, trailer-tank, semitrailer-tank for milk transportation;

  Hall and stable equipment for loose livestock housing;

  Equipment for intensive pig farming;

  Semitrailer for animal transportation;

  Metal works;

  Cultivation equipment.

The company, analyzing the changes in demand in the market of equipment for agricultural production, constantly expands the range of products and services. The production of containers for liquid foodstuffs containers transportation and for cheese ripening has been mastered. The development of production of hinged equipment for tamping and silage trenches leveling is in full swing. The line in the production of cultivation equipment and sowing units is continued to develop. The production of wide-precision seeders has been mastered. The unit repair as well as production of rapidly breaking down nodes is paid a lot of attention.

The open Joint Stock Company has intensified the work of Service Centers throughout the country, having a brigade service for milking and cooling equipment.

In 2014 the company opened a site for the production of glass containers. This is a completely new direction for the company and, of course, very promising.

The foundation of our success and a fundamental factor in our long-term competitiveness is to focus on the latest advances in the field of production and active marketing policy.

Today the brand "Gomelagrokomplekt" is widely known far beyond Belarus and is positioned as a product that provides an optimal combination of price and decent quality.

Our  dealers  in  other  regions:

OOO  TD"GOMELAGROKOMPLEKT"  Moscow region,  Stupino, (496) 647-89-49 

ZAO "AGROTEHIMPORT"  Vladimir  city

  "AGRO-SERVIS-1" Moscow region,  Odincovo  

 OOO "Adonis" Saratov region, Borodaevka

OOO "AGROTREYD"  Smolensk  region, Rudnya

 OOO "Agroferma" Moscow  region,  Pravdinskiy

OAO "Agropromkomplekt" "Base of the provision "Siberian" Omskaya  guba, Sedelnikovo 

OOO "Belgorod-Gomel milk equipment" Belgorod  city

OOO "Belorussian-Kuban TD" Krasnodar region, Armavir  

OOO "BELTEHFERMER" Belgorod  region, Streleckoe

OOO "Lankes" Moscow region, Domodedovo

OOO " Ladya Plus" Lipeck city

 OOO "Rasko Agri" Moscow region , Kolomna 


OOO "Milk technologies plus" Belgorod region, Korocha

OOO "MOLTEHSERVIS" Izhevsk  city

OO "Alliance-Agro" Omsk city

 OOO "Startek South" Krasnodar region. Starominskaya 

"PKO Tehno Trust"  Moscow city

 OOO "MILKSERVIS" Novosibirsk region.  Krasnoobsk

ZAO "Vyazmamolrus"  Smolensk  region, Vyazma